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mature couple relaxing outdoorsAt the dental office of Sonia Dhillon, DDS, our top priority is the health and wellness of your family's smiles. We know how important it is to have a dental professional you can count on to handle not only your own needs, but the needs of your children and senior family members as well. Our team takes time to get to know you and your loved ones to ensure we only recommend services that promote long-term health.

Our team goes out of our way to make our office feel welcome and inviting for any age. We also understand how valuable your time is and make scheduling your family's visits easy and convenient. If you're looking for a family dentist in Livermore, Dr. Dhillon has the skills and expertise you can trust. Give our office a call today and see how we can help you!


Dental Services Tailored to Your Family's Needs

Our Livermore family dentist provides a comprehensive variety of services designed to give you and your family long-term results. We have equipped our office with the latest dental technology so that you know you're getting the advanced care you deserve. Our team also works with you to keep you well-educated about all our treatment options and ways you can maintain your loved ones' smiles at home.

We also offer cosmetic services to improve the look of your teeth so you can smile confidently in any circumstance. From natural-looking restorations to procedures that whiten your teeth, our team has the skill to give you a smile you can be proud of.

Some of our services include:

Advanced and Reliable Dental Care for Adults and Seniors

Are you concerned about the health of your gums? Are you seeking solutions for discolored teeth? Dr. Dhillon and our team know that the oral health issues adults and seniors face are unique to them. Whether your oral health problem is caused by aging, medications, lifestyle, systemic disease, or genetics, we have the treatments and procedures your need to achieve a lifetime of healthy smiles. Some of the treatments we offer include the following:

Root Canal Therapy

If not properly addressed, an infection in the root of your tooth can cause severe discomfort and long-term complications. To remove the infected tissue, our Livermore family dentist will perform root canal therapy to restore the health and strength of your tooth. We remove the infected tooth pulp with a special tool and then disinfect the chamber to ensure no infection remains. Once you've healed from the procedure, our dentist will place a natural-looking dental crown to restore the strength and beauty of your tooth.

You can trust us to always do everything we can to save your natural teeth. However, there are times when the only viable course of treatment to preserve your oral health is to perform an extraction. This happens mostly when a tooth is severely damaged or decayed.

If you've had a tooth extracted or are already missing one or more teeth, we offer dental implant restorations to return the fullness of your smile. Our in-office periodontist will place your implant posts and perform a bone graft or sinus lift if required. From implant-supported crowns to All-on-4®, we're confident in our ability to find the right solution for you.

Your gum health is a vital component of maintaining your overall wellness. If you are suffering from gum disease, this can increase your risk for many systemic diseases. Our team assesses your current situation and puts together a course of treatment to restore or maintain your gum health. We use highly advanced dental lasers to clean your gums and remove plaque and tartar. With particularly advanced cases, our in-house periodontist will work with you to find the most effective course of action.

Our team uses a state-of-the-art VELscope digital scanner to detect any signs of oral cancer. We want to catch any potential problems early, so you get the care you need quickly and reliably. Our team walks you through all our findings and takes the time to ensure you know what to expect next and what your options are.

Do you have pain in your jaw? Do you grind your teeth at night? Our Livermore family dentist offers custom guards designed to alleviate your pain and promote healthier jaw function. Both bruxism and TMJ disorders can cause long-term dental health problems, and we act quickly to remedy your situation.

We know that many individuals suffer from dental anxiety and fear. You can count on our team to be empathetic to your concerns and do everything we can to make your time with us as comfortable and relaxing as possible. This is why we also offer oral conscious sedation for adults when needed. We provide medication for you to take before your visit, which helps keep you relaxed even during more complicated procedures.

Friendly Care for Your Children

young girl visiting Livermore dentistWe know that going to the dentist can sometimes be intimidating for kids. Our team works with children beginning at age six to make visiting the dentist something to look forward to and not something to fear. Dr. Dhillon uses age-appropriate language to help your child feel comfortable and build a rapport with them. Our goal during this time is to ensure their teeth are coming in correctly and they're building good oral hygiene habits. From pulpotomies to space maintainers, we help keep your children's teeth healthy and prevent serious problems from developing in the future.

Exceptional Dental Care for Teens

As you child enters their teen years, they will experience the final stages of their dental development. It is especially crucial during this time to maintain their oral health and solidify those long-term habits that keep their teeth strong and bright. Our Livermore family dentist closely monitors the placement of their teeth and jaws to ensure proper growth. Should we discover a potential issue, we will develop a treatment plan or refer you to a trusted specialist who can give the excellent care your child needs. Our team can also create custom sportsguards for your active and sports-minded teen.

Your Trusted Family Dentist in Livermore

At the dental office of Sonia Dhillon, DDS, we want your family to receive the care they need to enjoy their smiles for a lifetime. You can count on us to always offer compassionate care, regardless of your reason for visiting and especially when caring for your little ones. If you're in need of a family dentist in Livermore, contact our friendly team today!



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