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We strive to provide each patient with the care and service they would expect everyday. We understand each patients needs are unique, and we make it our priority to get to know these needs to provide a memorable experience and with healthy results. Below are a tribute to the service we provide from actual patients.

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We love going to Dr. Dhillon! Our family has been going to Dr. Dhillon for years. Dr. D 1st was the 1st (and only) dentist that my two teenagers (age 16 & 17 now) have ever gone to - they were 5 and 4, respectively at their very 1st visit.

She is always so thorough in explaining what is happening with our gums and teeth. She's an excellent Dentist and her staff, including the dental assistants and front office gals, are also the best!

Kimberly L.

Great Dentist. First needed services on the weekend which is when most dentists are closed. Anyway got that problem taken care of fast. I have had additional work and found rescheduling easy and a day or two early. The additional work I've scheduled comes with a predictable schedule and plenty of time to pay the bill. I haven't had anything but pleasant surprises

David T.
Livermore, CA

My entire family has been seeing Dr. Dhillon for five years now. None of us have any complaints to report.

In the last few years, I've acquired major anxiety over the dentist. To the point that I put off going in to fill four cavities that were found in December of 2009. Last month, after noticing a brown spot on one of my teeth, I decided it was time to go in. I scheduled a general check up. They're open on Saturday and Sunday to accommodate us who have school and work during the week. So I went in for the exam, but didn't mention anything about anxiety. After the exam, she told me the four cavities from last year were still an issue, plus one new one, and a cavity filled by a dentist about 8 years ago was leaking. After explaining everything and answering my questions, she asked if I had anxiety issues around the dentist and if the filling/drilling procedure would be an issue for me. I was quite amazed by this, it shows she's very in tune and observant with her patients. So after establishing I would have issues with the fillings, she discussed in detail what my options were and what the copayment would be. I decided to go with a low dose of Xanax and squeezing what would typically be two procedures into one so it can just be done and over with. I will be going in to have the six cavities filled in a few weeks on a Sunday morning so I can sleep off the Xanax afterwards.

I've always felt confident in Dr. Dhillon. And her compassion never seizes to amaze me. She always takes the time to ask me how school is going as well as how my dad and little brothers are doing. She just seems to genuinely care about your wellbeing and comfort while in her hands. I hope my dental insurance never changes so I don't have to go to anyone other than Dr. Dhillon. And I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great dentist.

Setareh A.
Livermore, CA

I love this dentist! The receptionist is fabulous & explains everything you need to know. That's especially good for me as I am new to handling my own insurance. They make you sure you understand everything before they do anything. They also are very helpful with payment arrangements. Dentists can be expensive! These guys have great & reasonable prices. I feel very comfortable here.

I always loved going to the dentist(I know weird, right). Then I had some bad work done & it was all down hill. Thank God I found this dentist. They restored my faith in Dentists & took away all fears!

Dr. Dhillon is the best! I would definitely recommend her to all. I carry their business cards with me & give them to people if they ask me about a good dentist!

Amy M.
Livermore, CA

I took my 4 year old for her first check up. A dentist visit is normally a very traumatic experience for most, (especially me) and they were very nice, professional, explained everything in advance.

I am changing my dentist and recomending Dr. Dhillon to everyone.

Gabriel B.
San Francisco, CA

Dr. Dhillon is very personable and honest, and it’s clear that she is exceptionally knowledgeable and looks out for her patient’s best interests. The facility is a clean and comfortable environment.

J Lindy.

excellent personal service! Dr. Dillon even does the cleaning herself. She has a small practice that offers excellent care!

John S.

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